Information on JMJ

JMJ Academy was founded in 1998 by Florida homeschooling parents, John and Susan Prevosk. JMJ Academy is a non-profit private school registered with the Florida Department of Education, #3250 in Orange County. The primary mission of JMJ Academy is to assist  Catholic homeschooling parents who do not wish to be beholden to their district school board. Students in JMJ Academy receive their instructions in a variety of ways including: parent directed education, Florida Virtual School, dual enrollment, online classes,  tutors, and group classes.

JMJ Academy assist parents who choose to educate their children at home by providing a private school accountability. Students enrolled in our school must meet our school requirements.  We work closely with the parents (who are our teachers) in their educational choices. Our high school students are required to comply with the Florida Dept. of Education’s 24 credit requirement in order to graduate from JMJ Academy.

JMJ, although comprised of Catholics loyal to the Catholic Church and the Holy Father in Rome, is not affiliated with any particular church or diocese. JMJ is an independent entity with a governing board of directors.

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