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JMJ Academy was heaven sent to our family as we made the transition from Tennessee to Florida and continued our home schooling.  We couldn’t have done it without them.”

Mrs. Anderson
Orlando, FL

“JMJ Academy gave us confidence as we began home-schooling.   The Prevosks’ good nature made our children more than comfortable. The first year of home-schooling saw multi-year jumps in reading scores. Certificates of completion, participation in Book-It, and report cards gave the children a sense of normal school life. As they finished their home-schooling years, the children had security with a school i.d. number for taking S.A.T.’s, when applying for jobs, or applying for college. They proudly received a diploma from JMJ Academy.  JMJ Academy continues to provide support whenever needed with recommendations and transcripts.  We are a grateful family!”   

Mrs. A.
Kissimmee, FL

“JMJ not only was a great learning experience educationally but also helped me grow religiously, and spiritually. I learned many of life’s lessons through a great umbrella program like JMJ.”                          

– JMJ ’05 Graduate
Pineville, N.C.

Your work for us by way of JMJ Academy is such a tremendous blessing.

Mrs. D.
Clermont, FL

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